differences between pain from stomach ulcer and ibs

there is a big similarity between abdomen pain from stomach ulcer and pain from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or (spastic colon) because both stomach and colon are beside each other, but there is some differences that help to differentiate between them

    • acidity or heartburn is more in stomach ulcer than IBS or spastic colon and if found in ibs its mild and not the main complain
    • abdomen gases and flatulence is mor characteristic to irritable colon than stomach
    • the relation between the pan and meals : in ibs the pain worsen after food while in gastric ulcer the pain may decreased
    • fasting : on the opposite the pain increased on fasting (stay fasting for long time) in peptic ulcer while in ibs the fasting reduce the pain
    • tension and anxiety : it can increase pain in both cases but in irritable bowel colon (spastic colon) its more
    • sleep : usually with sleep ibs pain decreased while in stomach ulcer the pain comes during sleep
    • antacids : when takes antacids medications like gaviscon the pain in stomach ulcer relived but in irritable colon no big chamge

by assessing these factors we can differentiate between pain from gastric ulcer and pain from irritable bowel syndrome ibs, but some times it’s not that simple and we can find the both cases together

in these cases where differentiation is difficult we need to do some investigations, the first is gastric endoscopy which put the diagnosis of stomach ulcer or gastritis but does not exclude the presence of irritable bowel syndrome

if the gastric endoscopy was normal then the diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome is strongly established

the second investigation is colonoscopy (insert a flexible tube with a small camera in its head into the anus toward the colon), this procedure is invasive and need special preparation and kept to cases where cancer of the colon is susspected
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