irritable bowel syndrome symptoms, causes and treatment

irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or spastic colon is a common disease affects adults male and female with no definite causes, there are a common symptoms like abdomen pain especially pain in middle left abdomen in most patients(or left upper quadrant)

other symptoms are vary from a person to another and includes constipation, diarrhea, or alterating between constipation and diarrhea ,and bloating of abdomen so the treatment and medication options ( spastic colon treatment ) are not the same for all patient

irritable bowel syndrome causes

the causes of irritable bowel syndrome are not clear yet but always there is common factors in patients with IBS

  • psychological origin : most flares are associated or proceed with stress or anxiety conditions like examination or interviews or loosing a dear person or relative
  • diet and kind of foods : many patients complain that irritable bowel symptoms increased when they eat specific kind of foods, most of these foods are gas generating like beans, cabbage and pastry beside diet rich in fat or too much chocolates
  • some drinks like coffee, tea,alcohol and carbonated drinks (fizzy drinks)
  • irregular meals and sleep disorders
  • hypersensitivity in the colon and digestive system to gases

irritable bowel syndrome symptoms

  • abdominal pain which may be colic,cramps or persistent discomfort, the pain may be at any side of the abdomen but it is mor in the left upper quadrant and some times radiates to the chest or shoulder like heart attack, the stomach pain increased after eating
  • abdominal bloating, gases and flatulence
  • constipation : very common in IBS and it increase the suffer from gases
  • diarrhea: less common than constipation
  • alternating motion habits : which means a period of diarrhea followed with a period of constipation and vice versa


usually diagnosis of IBS can be made by reviewing history of symptoms and physical examination and keep investigations (like colonoscopy) for some special conditions, in these cases you should visit your doctor to clarify the diagnosis and exclude diseases which may mimic ibs these alert symptoms include:

  • old ages :more than 45 years
  • unexplained bleeding per rectum
  • unexplained weight loss
  • change the type of symptoms or worsen
  • family history of colon cancer(colonoscopy should not delayed)

in these cases some invistigations or tests  may required, these invistigations include stool examination,hemoclot test, abdomen ultrasound(echo) and finally colonoscopy

treatment (medication) of irritable powel disease

spastic colon treatment

treatment of irritable bowel disease with constipation options are not the same like irritable powel with diarrhea (spastic colon treatment)

  • abdomen pain treatment : anticholinergic medications such as mebeverine(duspataline) are used to relive the pain,mebeverine available in two forms the first is 135 mg used three times per day 20 minutes before meals and the other is 200 mg and used two times per day also 20 minuets before meals
  • constipation : make your diet rich in fiber, drink more water and eat more fruits and vegetable if not relieves a short time of laxatives can be used
  • diarrhea : drugs reduce the movement of the colon reduce diarrhea like (immodium or lomotil)
  • gases :reduce or avoid foods make gases like beans,cabbage ,hight fat diet  and choclate
  • sport relieves tension and anxiety and improve bowel movement
  • in sever cases psychiatric consultation may be necessary

disclaimer : all information in this page are not medical advice and they are for educational purpose only and not a substitution to medical consult

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